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 T. R. Townsend has been in youth development for more than 25 years for ages 6-24.    Her mastery and skill includes:


  • Leadership Development

  • Program & Curriculum Design

  • Brainstorm & Developing Strategic Initiatives

  • Grant Writing

  • Mentoring

  • Career Education

  • Employment Services

  • Workshops & Training Facilitation

  • Public Speaking

  • Girls Programming

  • Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music)

  • Community Outreach & Building Community Partnerships

  • Recruitment

  • Program Event Planning


Her foundational expertise is rooted in her tremendous work with Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago where she has worked with more than 4,000 youth (and parents) in the south suburbs and chicagoland areas producing productive, caring citizens and emerging leaders.   Her incredible influence was evident, each year, as outcomes yielded increased community partnerships,  increased parental involvement and support; and increased community awareness and involvement.  Participants increased daily average attendance, increased academic improvement and performance, decreased unsatisfactory conduct, decreased annual retentions,  and increased confidence through the use of creative arts and leadership engagement.  75% of each school's honor roll and perfect attendance lists were particpants enrolled into her programs.  Her passion to assist youth's development has resulted in several successful youth, who continue to pursue their life's passions as teachers, nurses, principals, pilots, case managers, police officers, airline stewarts, U.S. military men and women, lawyers, barbers/beauticians, supervisors, producers, graphic designers, professional female basketball player, dialysis technicians, writers, actors, mentors, youth professionals, models, performers, CEO's, pastors, business owners and entrepreneurs.    


Affectionately known as "Ms. T",  she continues to build leaders in the city of Chicago and  suburban communities, through creating curriculums and programs that encourage expression, challenge beliefs and values, promote critical thinking and projects that cause individuals to reflect upon their unhealthy patterns and decisions for individuals as young as 6 years of age to 100.   

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