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So, I asked a close group of friends, collegues, and spiritual children to describe me in three words. Each individual had absolutely impressive, similiar, yet differing words to describe me. This is, no doubt, derived from the specific type of relationships I have created with each of them; however, despite the "differing similarities", ONE WORD was a consistent from every individual who responded ............"MOTIVATIONAL!"

MOTI-WHAT? Yes. I was was like, "Whaaaaaaaat?" ....No WAY! Yes WAY! "I Guess" WAY! '

You see, I've had my "own beliefs" about motivation, and quite frankly, I had some "issues" with MOTIVATION. One of my workshops topics is entitled: Motivation vs. Education-Where I reveal that motivation is "for a moment"--whereas Education is lasting. Motivation stirs the emotions and passions, but education challenges the intellect and provides insight and answers. So, of course, "My desire is to be more than an emotion stirrer" Haha! Yet, I realize, my perception of " a motivator" is tied to individuals who speak a seminars. Those individuals who give you the cliche's and tell you all this "good stuff" and you leave feeling incredibly wonderful (for a moment), but not changed. I desire to bring about a change. I looked a little deeper into "MOTIVATION."

MOTIVATION IS DEFINED: A force or influence that causes someone TO DO SOMETHING. Synonymous with encouragement, ambition, drive, enthusiasm, boost, etc. This was incredible to me--I have the power of influence? Yes, I do, and SO DO YOU!

For fun, yes, for fun, for assurance, for certainty.....I asked the individuals "Why do you consider me motivational?" Their overwhelming resposes included:

  • You uplift and inspire others to be greater

  • Your drive and determination is motivating to those around you

  • You make others want to do better

  • Jehovah Jireh has bestowed upon you multiple gifts which you creatively present to his people. They become enlightened, encouraged, refreshed and renewed in their way of thinking and living

  • You are transparent and real about everything at all times

  • Everything you say, comes from your heart

  • You advise and direct as opposed to order and criticize

HOW AWESOME it is to know that you are doing the work of the Lord, and MOST of the time, doing the work without "working it" and doing the work, without knowing it.


Ask a diverse group of friends/associates to describe you in three words. Keep their responses in a journal. Cindy Trimm stated, "We are RESPONSIBLE for people's view of us, and I didn't understand it clearly until a few years ago." Some responses (by individuals) you MAY be aware of, and AGREE with...while for some responses, there may be some "blind spots"---so remember, if you don't like what you HEAR, it's not a debate and it's not a "Your Wrong, I'm Right Assignment"--- "It's YOUR LIFE" and you have the POWER TO CHANGE those things (OR) Keep things the same. Just remember PRIDE is one's greatest enemy, and it's usually an individual "inner-me" that keeps one from flowing in God's Liberties. #AbundantLIFE4YOU #NOPRIDE #MOTIVATIONWITHPURPOSE #WhatDoOthersSayAboutYOU?

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