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T.R. Townsend, born Tanya Raquel Townsend, and affectionatly known as "Ms. T" has lived more than 3/4 of her life incorporating and pursuing her performance arts aspirations while mentoring and developing young emerging leaders. She began writing stories, poems, and documenting her life's lessons as early as age 10 years old.  Her writing ability was discovered at an extremly young age as she received high praise, instruction, and a young writers literary award from a notable literary institute in New York. Coupled with her ability to write, T.R. Townsend has always had an extreme passion for the arts.   She remembers the days of her youth as she danced in front of a mirror with a long towel wrapped around her head (symbolizing long hair) and a hair brush in her hand (symbolizing a microphone) singing R & B and Gospel Music loud enough for the entire neighbord to hear (and complain). Singing and  acting are few of the  talents possessed by Ms. Townsend,  and as her love for music and theatre evolved, she was sought after to sing at graduations, banquests, weddings, as well as performing skits and monologues and skits for youth  and non-profit organizations, such as Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago, CPS school's, community based and faith-based organizations throughout the Suburban South Cook County and the City of Chicago.  She has received several honors, awards and scholarships for performing arts and ranked high in several performing arts competitions (see T.R.T. Productions, Inc.).  


T.R.'s love for young people began as a teenager while serving as a Sunday School teacher, yet she never imagined her life path or plan would include raising and sharpening young leaders.  T.R. Townsend has worked in School District #144 as a Language Arts Instructor, Reading Specialist, and served 16 years as Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago Program Director and Club Manager.  During her Boys & Girls Clubs tenure, Tanya received a full scholarship.  The Jermaine Dye Scholarship (Chicago White Sox).  She was the first to complete the project, receiving a 3.9 GPA and accolades and business meeting with Roland Hemond (longtime executive in Major Leage Baseball).  


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