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Fingerprints on the SOUL is a production of monologues, dialogue, and dance. Watch and listen as the interpretation reveals the imbalances we have in our souls. Each of us have been touched throughout our lives; however, "some" of the touches have left scars, wounds, and bruises that have NOT healed. Some of the touches have left VOICES that don't go away, or triggers of TRAUMATIC EVENTS continue to resurface making it nearly impossible to function in peace, in confidence, or in certainty. There is a workshop available (perfect for youth, young adults, and adults) that focus on the FINGERPRINTS people have left on your soul during life's journey. The PRODUCTION of FINGERPRINTS ON THE SOUL is also available for travel. The video below is an excerpt of the Fingerprints monologue in conjunction with the Sunday Sermon at Cornerstone Christian Center located in South Chicago Heights. #Mustacquirepermissionofuse #copyordownloadNOTpermitted

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